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Even during Summer we can have Storms

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Trees with a red-orange fire line If you live next to an area where a wildfire can happen, stay calm and be prepared for any events to come!

We are typically not thinking of Storms, during this Summer months. As here in Oregon many associate storms with rain, snow and ice. However, that is a misconception, with lack of normal rain fall we have been having we have new type of Storm, in which we should be aware of. We call this a “fire storm”. Oregon is dense in heavily populated forest in which people love to camp and have campfires. We also have periodic lightning strikes that creates fires. Natural disasters can occur at anytime and fire is one of the many outcomes. Here at SERVPRO we are ready and able to respond to any major storm event, including fires. If a fire storm causes damage to your property, we here at SERVPRO are here to help! 503-427-9535

Best in the West!

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO truck on road We are ready to help when disaster strikes!

SERVPRO of Southeast Portland is the best choice for any size disaster. Our restoration company is great for three simple reasons. We are faster, properly equipped, and perfectly resourced.

As a locally owned and operated franchise, we will quickly travel to your location in the event of any disaster. As your neighbor, we will be there in a moments notice. We know just how frustrating and troubling a problem can be, and we never want our customers to have to wait during a stressful moment such as this. Our specialized teams can respond immediately to restore your property during a storm.

Here at SERVPRO of Southeast Portland we specialize in flood and storm damage and have an immense collection of tools and equipment to take care of any size disaster. We only use state of the art equipment and we are constantly updating our inventory to offer our customers the best service. If you need three fans, or well over 100, we have the tools and the team necessary to get the job done.

We are an independently owned franchise of the largest restoration company in the country. Our brand has grown to several thousand franchises because we have the resources necessary for any type of disaster at our disposal. Our outstanding Disaster Relief Team is strategically placed throughout the country to respond to any area immediately. Give us a call and we will be there to get your life back to normal.


Untreated Water Damage Can Lead to Mold Problems

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

White wall with mold spores If you see this in your home or business, call a plumber or us, SERVPRO of southeast Portland for an inspection.

Black mold can spread through your home as the result of a few things. The most common is improperly threatened water damage. The two types of water damage that may result in mold spores  inside your home are a slow, unnoticed leak the other a large and sudden loss.

First the slow leak is common when there is a leaky pipe that isn't easily visible under a sink, inside the walls, around a windowsill, or underneath the flooring. These result in the affected area being dark and damp which allows for the mold growth.

The second most common is a large sudden loss.  These generally occur as the result of a burst pipe, clogged drain, roof leak or a flood that result in standing water.  Many will remove the water themselves with a shopvac and attempt to air it out with fans and opening windows.  In a situation with this amount of water this may not fix the problem properly and can lead more problems.  The main problem being the growth of mold from not properly drying out the affected area. Having a reputable water mitigation and restoration company that can properly identify the and remediate the situation can help any issues in the future.

SERVPRO of Southeast Portland technicians are highly trained to identify and target water damage at the source. One way to detect the slow, unnoticed leak would be to monitor your water usage bill. If there is a noticeable increase in water usage without any explanation could be the result of a leak. Calling a plumber to identify any potential problems would be the best thing to do. After a large, sudden loss, it is best to give a water damage restoration business a call so that your problem can be handled by professionals. As the best water damage restoration business out there, SERVPRO of Southeast Portland is here to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Floods may not be common, but they do happen in Oregon

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Highway with caution sign and water rising No matter what disaster comes our way, we are always here to help!

The Christmas Flood that happened in 1964 may not be known by many.  Anyone that experienced it may have forgotten and of course some of us had not been born or were too young to recall. This particular flood caused hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage and continued for over three weeks. This was one of the most devastating floods to hit the Willamette Valley in recorded history.  As a result of the damage over three thousand people were displaced from their residences and sadly there were seventeen casualties.  This flood has been referred to as a 100-year flood which means a similar occurance may happen again.

Another instance of flooding more recently was the Willamette Valley Flood of 1996.  The rising waters affected the areas of Oregon City, Tillamook, and Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The destruction caused an estimated half a billion dollars in property damage leaving some areas under water for a couple weeks.  Again there were unfortunately eight casualties resulting as well in Oregon.

If there is another flooding natural disaster, SERVPRO of Southeast Portland is always faster to any size disaster.  We also use the best equipment available so our highly trained technicians will restore your property to get things back to normal as soon as possible.  

Dripping Faucet can lead to more damage than you think.

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Cartoon pictures of faucet leaking Don't wait for this to happen! Call SERVPRO of Southeast Portland anytime, any day.

Ring Ring… Ring Ring… Ring Ri… Snooze.

If you are in the majority of America, 57% to be exact, you push the snooze button on your alarm at least once every morning. If that five to fifteen minutes is going to benefit or hurt your morning, depends on your situation.

Drip Drop… Drip Drop… Drip Drop…

Unfortunately, there isn't a button to stop the flow of water or prevent further water damage. After the water damage has happened every minute that you snooze yourself away from taking action can be more and more harm to your property. Within minutes of the water leak, piping malfunction, or one of the other numerous ways water damage can occur, the water quickly spreads throughout your property. Absorbing into walls, floors, and other easily susceptible areas of your home. Your personal belongings such as photos, important documents, family heirlooms, and electronic devices can be completely destroyed within that first fifteen minutes.

Spring Spring… Into Into… Action Action…

Locating your water shutoff valves can be a hassle when you only have a few minutes left on the clock to prevent further damage. Don’t catch yourself snoozing – it is important to know the location of all your major water shut off valves so that you can quickly spring into action and minimize the damage to your home and belongings. While 15 minutes of extra sleep goes by in a flash in the morning; that 15 minutes is all the leaky pipe needs to destroy memories while taking cash out of your pocket. Call us at SERVPRO of Southeast Portland and we will drop what we are doing to spring into action for you.

After Effects of Water Damage

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Servpro van with house behind it Don't hesitate to call us with any questions!

The damage caused by water can be devastating for property owners. Heavy rain or quickly melting snow increases the potential of this type of damage. Unwanted damage can result in costly damages to wood furniture, upholstery, electronics, household appliances, and plumbing equipment. Water damage also increases the risk of mold growth.  The cost of the remediation process can be very expensive as well. Hiring a water damage restoration company can make the cleanup process easier to handle, as these companies employ experienced workers who know the best ways to repair or replace damaged items and help with water damage cleanup.

Causes of Water Damage

There are several possible causes of water damage. Leaky dishwashers, clogged toilets, broken pipes, broken dishwasher hoses, overflowing washing machines, leaky roofs, plumbing leaks, and foundation cracks are just some of the possible causes of water damage in homes and businesses. Floods, heavy snow, and heavy rain are other possible causes of this type of damage and can lead to having water in basements. Too much water can lead to minor problems such as water in basement areas, or it can lead to the destruction of homes and businesses. Once a home or business sustains water damage, it is important to start the water damage cleanup immediately. Starting water damage cleanup as soon as possible increases the likelihood of saving water-soaked furniture, carpets, rugs, clothing, and other items.

Categories of Water Damage

Assessing the severity of the damage is important for determining what is needed to start water damage repair and water removal. There are several different categories assigned to water damage. Category 1 refers to clean water, or water that does not pose a threat to humans. Possible causes of this type of damage include broken appliances or sink overflows. Category 2 water is also called gray water.  Broken toilets, broken sump pumps, and seepage may cause category 2 water damage. Category 3 water is known as black water. The possible sources of black water damage include sewage problems and contamination of standing water.

There are also several classes of water damage. The class of damage is important when assessing water damage repair options. Class 1 is the least harmful form of damage. Materials absorb very little of the water from this type of damage. Water damage repair is the easiest in this type of situation. Class 2 has a fast rate of evaporation, which means that carpets and cushions may be damaged. Water damage repair is more difficult when it involves class 2 damage. Class 3 has the fastest rate of evaporation. In this case, the water may come from broken sprinklers or other overhead sources, soaking the walls and furniture. Class 4 requires special water restoration and water removal procedures. This type of damage may affect hardwood floors, plaster, and concrete.

Restoration Process

The water restoration process is an important one. Using the right procedures and materials can help people save cherished belongings and even prevent their homes from being condemned. Water restoration companies specialize in mitigating the effects of water, but the success for water damage restoration depends on the severity of the damage and the amount of water that caused the damage. Water restoration companies may hire outside experts such as SERVPRO of Southeast Portland to assess a property and determine a water restoration and water removal plan. SERVPRO of Southeast Portland uses high-tech equipment and well-documented procedures to control water damage. Water in basement areas may only require a short cleanup process, but water in other areas of a property will require extensive remediation.


SERVPRO and Plumbers United!

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Pipe Leaking Water with black background When this happens, call us right away!

Something that customers, insurance adjusters and property owners should know and be aware of. When a water loss happens pertaining to a busted pipe, most people call their plumbers first. A plumber will show up on scene and determine the cause of loss. If there is standing water or sewage, they seek our services here at SERVPRO. This is a working relationship with the plumber and SERVPRO to mitigate the water or sewage issue and then immediately have the plumber back in to fix the origination of the loss. If this course of action is not taken, we will be requested again to provide mitigate services and causing additional cost that do not need to be if set up correctly. We here at SERVPRO aim to help in assisting with this process and alleviating additional steps in the recovery efforts of a water loss. Call the Pros (503) 427-9535

Storm and Large Loss Water Response is "A" Team Effort.

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Hurricane clouds on earth with black background Storms are brewing!

Here at SERVPRO we have “Storm Teams” set and ready to Mobilize when called upon. Storms, Large Losses and catastrophic losses such as fire, water, tornado, hurricanes, flooding, mid slides and earthquakes; require immediate attention. Our appropriate response goals are to reduce business interruption, reduce claim cost and minimize call backs. We do this by prioritizing, a written plan with daily goals, a tremendous amount of activity and working fast! We often work with other restoration companies, as a team, to have availability to double our response and efficiency in all types of storm exposures. Our Storm Teams have been trained and work throughout the year to be prepared. As being one of the leaders in large loss nationwide, we take great pride in being able to work side by side with our fellow franchise owners. When a major catastrophe strikes, call your trust SERVPRO for immediate response!

Storms in Oregon and the Damage

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

trees covered with dirt on the street Don't be afraid call SERVPRO today! We are always here to help.

When you live in Oregon you think of heavy rain. Oregon’s annual rain fall totals range between 66-88 inches. Rain in Oregon can lead to an array of issues. Heavy down pours fill rivers and sewage pipes rapidly. This allows for flooding and clogged pipes. This also allows for massive saturation of land including yards. If continued water fall happens and winds pick up, trees can topple. We see here in Oregon many people fall victim to fallen tress causing damage to their homes. Here at SERVPRO we respond to this type of storm immediately and work with all of those involved to safely get the home secured and provide the additional steps on the reconstruction of the home. If you suffer from water damage, sewage issues or damage from a fallen tree call the us here at SERVPRO. 503-427-9535.


Hard Water Doesn't have to be Hard to Remove

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Hard water stains on glass Call us today and we can help get rid of those pesky stains.

It can be difficult to get rid of nasty hard water stains on windows, even for professional cleaning companies. Over 85% of United States residents and businesses reside in hard water areas. Large offices or warehouses with multiple windows are among some of the most difficult tasks to handle. The first step begins with understanding hard water and how it affects the buildings so our cleaning technicians choose the best solutions to get rid of it.

There are no minerals in the rainwater that falls to the Earth. When it passes through the ground it absorbs minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This is what transforms it from “soft water” into “hard water.” Hard water doesn't usually cause any problems with our health but it can be detrimental to plumbing, fixtures, appliances, glass, showers, or pretty much anywhere water is used.

The minerals are left behind once water is evaporated. These ugly deposits cause crusty scale, stains, film, and mineral rings. This build-up can become problematic or permanent if not dealt with quickly.

Hard Water Cleaning Solutions for Removing Those Ugly Stains:

Cleaning companies have many different methods for removing hard water stains. Acidic and non-acidic chemicals, abrasive, natural or manufactured tools, there is a multitude of cleaners that have the ability to remove mineral deposits and scale. To ensure you choose the right cleaning product for the job, surface or fixture you plan on cleaning check the manufacturer's label. You can also test the cleaner in a discreet place first if you are not sure what the outcome will be. The last thing you want to do is cause damage to your customers' building.

The more common method for removing mineral deposits such as calcium, magnesium, and iron is using an acidic product. Most hard water staining can be removed with a combination of the right cleaner, cleaning tool and a little hard work.

Cleaning tools such as white scrubbing pads, scrub brushes, and steel wool, are the usual products to get the job done. Just remember that none of these tools should be used alone, as they can permanently scratch the surface of the window. Only use these tools when the surface of the window is wet with water or cleaning chemical.

Starting your cleaning process with less harmful chemicals, tools, and methods are recommended. Then step it up to more aggressive methods should the issue persist. It may take several attempts to remove stubborn deposits.

Beware of strong acidic chemicals as they are very corrosive and damaging to certain surfaces such as stainless steel and chrome. These tools will “eat” through surfaces, so never attempt to use such chemicals without the proper training and testing.